Cori L. Dobson - Paralegal

Cori Dobson joined Thomas Goodreid in 2013 as a paralegal and office administrator. She primarily works in the areas of civil litigation, criminal, bankruptcy, real estate, transportation and transaction law. She has worked in the legal field for 13 years with experience ranging from commercial litigation, banking, bankruptcy, corporate, civil litigation, criminal, employment, secured transactions, title insurance, trademark, copyright, white collar defense, estates, foreclosure, real property transactions, public utilities commission and various family law, including divorce and estate matters.

Cori Dobson owns her own contract paralegal services business and is a leader and career developer with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski jewelry. She leads a growing team across the country and continues to grow and succeed in her business and professional life. She has also lead professional networking groups supporting local business owners.

Betsy Seeton - Private Investigator

With a B.A. in Business followed by a dozen years as owner/operator of a snowboard shop and two consignment stores, Betsy branched into the study of criminal justice with a year of graduate courses from Washington State University. Along with her studies, she trained to become a Guardian ad Litem where she investigated cases of child abuse. Her reports and personal testimony were used in court to represent the interests of these children.

In 2004, she received an ABA approved paralegal certificate and began working for the Alternate Defense Counsel (ADC) of the State of Colorado as a contract paralegal and private investigator. In 2005, Betsy began working on Criminal Justice Act (CJA) cases where she was approved by the 10th Circuit Court to work as a private investigator for the defense on Federal cases.

Betsy has investigated a wide array of cases including but not limited to: drug dealing, rape, murder, attempted murder, sexual assault of minors, immigration violations, Legionnaires' Disease, domestic violence, Ponzi schemes, fraud, land disputes, DRAM shop, hit and run, slip and falls, embezzling, traffic accidents, missing person, patent challenges, and wrongful termination.

She brings a unique background to her skills as an investigator. She held an elected position as a steering committee member for a non-profit organization where she ran public information campaigns, organized conferences, designed and co-wrote newsletters and wrote for a weekly newspaper on water law and conservation. As a business owner, she knows about accounting, sales, marketing, employee relations, obtaining SBA loans, and running PR campaigns. Having worked in the mortgage industry, she has experience with loan papers and property law. As a writer, she’s had articles published on line and in print, and has self-published three books along with gaining experience as a ghost writer and writing coach. She’s a professional photographer and has sold her images around the world resulting in experience with copyright issues and contracts.