My Experience with LegalMatch

I am in the fourth year of my LegalMatch membership. I have been very pleased with the service, having long ago overcome my initial reservations about LegalMatch. LegalMatch has provided me with a fairly regular stream of revenue and has kept me busy on the civil side of my practice.

My referral category with LegalMatch is business disputes. This category has resulted in referrals, and, indeed, clients, in a wide variety of commercial areas, which is perfect for my practice. By way of example, I recently met with a prospective client who had an issue with youth sports. Another recent example is when I met with a referral, who became a client and who had an issue with the breakup of his partnership that had owned and operated a restaurant.

As with any professional, referrals are the lifeblood of my business. Some of the referrals I have received from LegalMatch have turned into clients. Some of those clients, in turn, have been sources of referral for additional clients.

I very much appreciate the efficiency of the LegalMatch process. Typically, I can scan a written referral and determine in less than a minute whether there is a reasonable possibility for me to be able effectively to assist the referred person. Some cases simply are not economical for a lawyer to be involved with, some matters are not legal disputes, and some situations are outside my areas of expertise. Under any of these circumstances, I can quickly decline the matter. On the other hand, if a referral is of the type where I may be able to help, I can immediately reach out to the potential client.

Of course, as with any other business, responsiveness is the key to success. I personally have the referrals sent to my cellphone as text messages, in addition to receiving the referrals sent via email. As such, the LegalMatch system is fast, effective, and economical for both the lawyer and potential client. I highly recommend LegalMatch for both lawyer and potential client; I would give the service the maximum number of thumbs up!